Generic Print Project

Questions? Just ask.

Generic Print Project   (210400)

This order form gives you TOTAL control over the parameters of your print project!

But with that flexibility comes the responsibility to be extremely detailed about all the little specs that make a print job successful, such as:


  1. Single sided or double sided?
  2. Color or Black-only inks?
  3. Finished Size?
  4. Quantity?
  5. Type of paper or vinyl or substrate?
  6. Thickness of paper or substrate?
  7. Mounted to foamcore or not?
  8. Stapled or coil bound?
  9. Specific due date and time?

So if you don't tell us these details now, we'll need to track you down to get them so it's better to try your best to answer these questions up front if at all possible!

Size: ...Client will specify
Paper: ...Client will specify
Ink: ...Client will specify
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